What does the RB Rear Shackle Flip Kit do?

This kit is designed to give about 6" of lift to the rear suspension WITHOUT BLOCKS to compensate for SOA front suspension.  The kit is completely bolt-on (welding is optional) with only minor cutting/grinding.  Common hand tools, a drill with 3/8" bit and 4" angle grinder or cutoff wheel is all that is really needed to complete the install in about 7-8 hours of time.
RB's Shackle Flip Kit, along with the SOA conversion, will allow you to run 33" tires on:
Wagoneers, Grands and Cherokee N/T with stock springs!!!

Add a 3" bodylift, on top of the SOA, to the above models and run 35" tires!!!

SOA your 'STOCK' J10/J20 shortbed or Cherokee W/T can run up to 36" tires!!!

What does it look like?

Essentially it's a set of well calculated brackets that lower your rear suspension mounting points and change the rear shackle mounting from a tension setup to a compression type arrangment. This allows for increased articulation and travel of the rear suspension.

But you wanted to see pic's didn't you?

Picture 1
Picture 2

There are many more pictures here

What other modifications need to be done?

This is the basics:

1. Brake lines either need to be extended or fab some drop-down brackets...
I still have all my original brake lines using drop-down brackets.

2. E-brake hard-line that runs thru the frame must be re-routed thru the next
elongated hole to the rear and mount for the hard-line may need to be moved rearward on frame….

3. New shocks, and may have to relocate the mounting... it's up to you....
moving mounts is a good way to get the desired shock length and operation you want.

4. Steering: if you have OEM (stock) springs, use a 4-6" drop pitman arm for steering correction (bump steer)
or Full High Steering or High X-Over Steering are other options to look into… I run High X-Over Steering.

5. Drive shaft length (front and rear) is a major factor with any lift, so you have to wait to determine if mods
are necessary for your application. Front shaft will have to be modified... wether its a High Angle CV
or just lengthening... this will be determined after the SOA is complete. Rear shaft may or may not need mods.

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