There was of course always the RiverBeast pictures...
RiverBeast 1
RiverBeast 2
There are many more out there on the net and a quick image search will pull up most of them.

One of the early kits I can still find pictures of belongs to Steve Powers in GA.
GAWag 1
That is from the original site, If I can find more and get permission I will add them.

There is also my rig...
tadsal 1
tadsal 2 is indeed an older post mount rig but the kit is the same with a few changes made.

This is one of the first LB Jtruck kits and I do not know who it belongs to (sorry).
Brown J20
But the real J20 pic's are here, we'll call him Mr. Rath, best looking J20 I ever saw.
I'm sorry, but that's just down right impressive for any long bed rig.
Please note the viscacha kit was modified by the owner, he wheels it pretty hard, hard enough to tear up MTR's.
(thank you very much Steve)

The Grumpy Old Dude
Merc69 1
Merc69 2
Very nice Wagoneer to say the least.
(thanks Bruce)

(thanks Rob, very nice Chero)

This is the very first set of perches that were ever installed.
RockCandy 1
(thanks Marshall)

Casey's Cherokee from South Carolina
casey 1
casey 2
(thanks Rick)

youngjeeper from Georgia with 2 rigs
youngjeeper 1
youngjeeper 2
youngjeeper 3
(very nice work there Dan)

phatmax95 from North Carolina
phatmax95 1
phatmax95 2
phatmax95 3
(very cool wag Tyler has built up there, thanks)

The rest is under construction (sorry, I am not very fast at this).

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