As promised (a long time back) here are the files for the tadrack.

First off, the .jpg file linked below is simply a screen shot of the layout that was used.

Rack Parts Layout

That's just to provide a guide as to what parts are what.

The .pcm file linked below was used to cut the parts.

PlasmaCam File for Rack

You need to understand that .pcm files are proprietary to the PlasmaCAM cutting system.

The G-Code written by PlasmaCAM is unusable by any other system that I am aware of.

Below is the .dxf file.

.dxf File for Rack (no pierce points)

Below is the .dwg file.

.dwg File for Rack (no pierce points)

Please also understand that the tadrack was designed around equipment that was available at the time and much of the way things were done could happen differently, a rack is simply a basket that that hold things and is attached to something else, in this case a roof.

I will probably do a short tutorial showing how they were made, that involves making another rack. If that happens that rack will be donated to the 2012 OMR raffle.


The tadrack is not owned by any one person. It was designed with the help of many IFSJA members both past and present along with myself and my students. Special thanks does need to go to billyrb, irbob and Crazy_Jeepman. More importantly, Ridgbak who donated the roof and took the first rack to Ouray, RIP brother.

It started in 2002:

I would like to encourage people not to make and sell these racks but I can't stop you. Take the good and use it, take the bad and improve upon it.

It will also be open sourced on other boards.




Found the cut list that was used.

.jpg File of Original Cut List

Here are some pic's I dug up from 2005: