I did this a few years ago and then a few IFSJA board upgrades happened. The result was none of the old links worked. So back to work I went, trying to find the updated links. I have formatted this page a bit differently this time by listing the section, post title, post starter and date, with the current direct link below that information. My hope in this formatting is it will make it easier to retrieve the posts later if the board format changes again.

Search Words = "Post Mount Lift"

General FSJ Tech = rear spring lift question
By: backroadin' on 08-15-2004

General FSJ Tech = rear suspension lift
By: 75wag401 on 06-24-2004

General FSJ Tech = Lifting early FSJs
By: jode on 02-12-2004

 General FSJ Tech = Difference between '75 and '76 leaf springs
By: pb on 10-04-2003

General FSJ Tech = Post and Box Mounts
By: BIG BAD JON on 04-20-2003

General FSJ Tech = 74 Cherokee spring question??????
By: coolguyinjeep on 06-11-2002

Search Words = "Shackle Flip"

General FSJ Tech = Shackle reversal
By: tucsonrick on 06-07-2004

General FSJ Tech = Shackle Flip
By: Thunder Struck on 09-11-2003

 General FSJ Tech = Lifting a 68 Wagoneer
By: shredby4 on 09-09-2003

General FSJ Tech = Lift needed for 35's on 74 Cherokee??
By: ScottyR on 02-15-2003

General FSJ Tech = Shackle flip (Stuka HELP!)
By: TEX on 12-12-2002

Search Word = "Lifting 70"

 General FSJ Tech = Need Advice FOr lIfting 70 Wag(Porkchop!!)
By: LRRH on 08-06-2001

General FSJ Tech = 1970 Wagoneer Lift ASAP
By: Tad on 01-04-2002

That is the direct/correct conversion of the original links I had listed on the first version of this page, there are a good deal more. I can not even begin to imagine what it would take to read and sort through them all, but as you can see the foundation was laid in place many years ago and many of those members are still active and still building FSJ's.

Originally I also had a list of members and their member numbers that had laid much of the early groundwork in place for the original search: jode, LRRH, Stuka, Gwamp, River Beast, Kenall, Bob Barry, porkchop, jeepbob, miked, Iron Horse and Gladi8r. There have been many more and many more posts.

To pull that all up would require literally days of searching and reading. I am not in the position to take on that much work. If you would like to send me a link to a post that deals with lifting a post mount rig I will add them below.
Let's use the following format so my brain does not explode please.

Ok, don't do that, I don't have time for it and both BJ's Off-Road and Hell Creek Suspensions sell quality lift kits for the older rigs now.

Updated: December 21, 2011